Seminar 1

Prolepsis disturbed: technology, parenting and the transformation of childhood
Lydia Plowman, The University of Edinburgh and Joanna McPake, University of Strathclyde

From genuine to sham marriage: moral panic and the ‘authenticity’ of relationships
Michaela Benson, University of York

Early Intervention as Moral Panic: The End of the Autonomous Family?
Stuart Waiton, University of Abertay

Seminar 2

Moralising discourse and the dialectical formation of class identities: the social reaction to ‘Chavs’ in Britain
Elias le Grand

The missing child in child pornography
Ethel Quayle

Moral panics over children and young people in transitioning societies: A Northern Ireland case study
Faith Gordon

Race’, Space and Social Action: The UK Riots 2011
Iyabo Yaz Osho

Class politics and social work in the moral regulation of parenting
Jo Warner

Unearthing melodrama: moral panic theory and the enduring characterisation of child trafficking
Joanne Westwood

The case of the ‘Good Time Girl’: revisiting the post-war moral panic through the lens of gender
Louise Jackson

Moral panic that never was? Child protection in the most religious European country
Magdalena Rek-Wozniak

Child welfare and the media: the press statements of child welfare and protection agencies, 2012
Viv Cree & Gary Clapton

Seminar 3

Making a moral panic – family violence, welfare reforms, ‘feral families’ in `new Zealand: Doing the work of the state?
Liz Beddoe

The wrong type of mother: moral panic and teenage parenting
Sally Brown

High-risk families: The amplification of the Troubled Families Programme
Stephen Crossley

William Fear

Janis Fook

Children, internet pornography and the political exploitation of moral panics
Jim Greer

When the Crime is Birth: “Meth Babies” and the Limited of Pure White
Grace Howard

The Long Shadow of the Twin Towers: On Counter-Terrorism, Institutional Impacts and Moral Panics
Martin Innes

Ray Jones

Myths, monster and legends: negotiating an acceptable working-class femininity in a marginalised and demonised Welsh locale
Dawn Mannay

David McKendrick

Assisted dying: moral panic and moral issue?
Malcolm Payne

The response to the death of Peter Connelly (baby P): an analytical framework
Sharon Shoesmith

The supposed loss of community: the panic of fragmentation
David Studdert

Women and children first: Italian contemporary moral panic and the role of the State
Morena Tartari

Seminar 4

Integration, Asociality and the Moral ‘Othering’ of Roma Communities in Britain
Colin Clark

Exploring the moral dimension of panic theory
Frank Furedi

The ‘child trafficking’ moral panic: blame, loss and disrepute
Alinka Gearon

Morality and law in the context of asylum claims
Anthony Good

Morals, Faith and Politics in the ‘Religious Slaughter’ Debate
David Grumett

Moral Panic and Ethical Frameworks: Responding to the Historic Abuse of Children in Care
Andrew Kendrick, Moyra Hawthorn & Julie Shaw

Moral panic about Criminality among Glasgow’s Pakistani Youths? Evidence from East Pollokshields
Santanu Mandal

Child Neglect – a suitable case for panic?
Maggie Mellon

Three Moral Panics in Fife Courts Just after the First World War: Decision Makers, Justifications and Outcomes
Arlon Pullar

Moral Panics and the Imagination of Evil
Mark Smith

Moral panics and moral binding: the mystery of the “grease devil” in postwar Sri Lanka
Jonathan Spencer

The breakdown of norms: youth crime and moral panic in Kinshasa
Issac Stanley

The erosion of childhood
Kay Tisdall

Thinking with Dale Farm: Moral Panic and the Neoliberal Politics of Stigma
Imogen Tyler, Lancaster University

How moral are the recent moral panics in Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom?
Sean Wilcock