Research articles

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Revisiting Moral Panics – hardback volume

Gender and Family – byte

Childhood and Youth – byte

The state – byte

Moral regulation – byte

Piper, H. (2014) Touch, Fear, and Child Protection: immoral panic and immoral crusade
Power and Education, Volume 6 number 3

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Time to be heard: Interrogating the Scottish Government’s response to historical child abuse
Mark Smith, Cree, Viviene E. Cree, Gary Clapton

Moral panics and social work: Towards a sceptical view of UK child protection
Gary Clapton, Viviene E. Cree and Mark Smith

The Presentation of Child Trafficking in the UK: An Old and New Moral Panic?
Viviene E. Cree, Gary Clapton, and Mark Smith

Clapton, G., Cree, V.E. and Smith, M. (2013) ‘Moral Panics, Claims-Making and Child Protection in the UK’, British Journal of Social Work, doi: 10.1093/bjsw/bct061

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