Innovative Learning Week 2014

Anatomy of a Moral Panic

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Every year, during week 6 of 2nd semester, The University of Edinburgh invites students and staff to attend lectures, seminars and workshops that are outside their own specialist area of interest, and these sessions try to do things differently. In the ‘Anatomy of a Moral Panic’ Workshop, held on 17th February, students and a staff member from the Alumni Office came to join Professor Viv Cree, Dr Gary Clapton and Mr Edd McCracken, the University’s press and media relations officer in exploring how moral panics ‘work’. They went on to create two of their own. The powerpoint presentations from the introduction and the participants are included here.

Powerpoint presentations
Anatomy of a Moral Panic
The cruel reality of ‘welfare’: slaughter for entertainment
Neknominating KILLS